Van Brando San Diego Reader Article by Ken 

After “floating” for eight years in a nonproductive, antimusic fog, Brandon Van Ekelenburg found his new creative calling three years ago. The former frontman of a Grossmont High metal band called Hostile Intentions (think: Slayer), Van Ekelenburg found rap. He took the stage name of Van Brando and started rapping with passion about real-life struggles. “I had a guy I worked with at Petco who made rap beats. He said I had a voice for rap and he said I should try it. I laughed my ass off. I said ‘Fuck, no.’ But he convinced me to make some tracks on his piece-of-shit computer.........Read the full article by clicking the link below. ENJOY!!!


The Introduction 

Alot of cool stuff going on right now and alot of hard work and dedication. Been working around the clock on getting the new album "SHATTERED DREAMS" set for release Late September on ITUNES and AMAZON so stay tuned for that! I also just wana take this time to thank all my fans, friends and family for all the love and support you've been showing since we started this music. You are all so fucking awesome and appreciated and will always be so for as long as I am here. The time is here and in motion for VAN BRANDO and MULTI-PLAYER PRODUCTIONS to break through this music industry. I will be updating my website and constructing more and more on here....if you have any feedback or thoughts please fell free to let me know or post in our forums. More to come so come back soon!